Mind flex: Fun facts about TV moms and dads

Homer Simpson eating a donut

Television has introduced us to all sorts of parents, from top-notch to terrible. Here are some fun facts about a few of our favorite TV parents to share with your own family at your Mother’s Day brunch or Father’s Day cookout.

Q: How did Kitty and Red Forman meet?

A: On “That ‘70s Show,” Red met Kitty at a USO dance in 1952. He and a Navy buddy playfully dropped their pants, showing shorts that read "Hello, Ladies," just as a younger Kitty walked by and bumped into Red as he was bent over. 

Q: What was June Cleaver’s maiden name?

A: The Beaver’s mother’s maiden name, June Evelyn Bronson, was mentioned several times during “Leave It to Beaver’s” run.

Q: How many children do Homer and Marge Simpson have?

A: The Simpsons have three children: Bart, the oldest; Lisa, the middle child; and Maggie, the baby of the family. The family also has a dog, Santa's Little Helper, and a cat, Snowball II.

Q: What were Clair and Cliff Huxtable’s careers?

A: In “The Cosby Show,” Clair was an attorney and Cliff was a doctor.

Q: Did “The Powerpuff Girls” have a mother?

A: No. Scientist Professor Utonium created the Powerpuff Girls with sugar, spice, everything nice…and Chemical X.

Q: Who were Kevin Arnold’s parents?

A: Kevin from “The Wonder Years” is the son of Jack Arnold, a defense contractor, and housewife Norma Arnold.

Q: What show gave us the first African-American two-parent family sitcom?

A: “Good Times” focused on a Chicago couple, Florida and James Evans, as they struggled to raise their kids—JJ, Thelma and Michael— in a Chicago housing project.

Q: When did Bob and Linda get married?

A: Bob and Linda from “Bob’s Burgers” got married on September 3, 1998 at City Hall. 

Q: What’s the family dynamic on the “One Day at a Time” reboot?

A: The show revolves around a three-generation Cuban-American family. Penelope Alvarez is a nurse, an Army veteran and the single mother of Elena and Alex. She deals with work issues, personal issues such as PTSD and her mother Lydia. 

Q: How did “The Brady Bunch” form?

A: Carol has three girls and Mike has three boys. Mike and Carol meet, marry and become the Brady Bunch. Carol's first husband is never mentioned in the original TV series, but it’s implied that Mike’s first wife is deceased. 

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